Haas "Rotary Products" can increase productivity in the shop with minimal time and cost invested. Every Haas rotary product can be used on both Haas CNC machines or other brands. If your company makes a lot of parts, complex parts with multi-axis capabilities, or wants to expand capabilities and bid on new types of work, Haas 4- and 5-axis rotary products are the answer. Visit Haas.

SCHUNK is a customer driven organization with a reputation for high quality, absolute precision and continuous innovation in Chucks, Jaws, Tool Holding Systems including Hydraulic Expansion Technology, Stationary Clamping Systems, and Automation.Visit Schunk USA.

MASTER WORKHOLDING builds custom workholding for production machining industries. Workholding solutions for complex, difficult to hold parts, are Master Workholding's speciality. 3, 4 or 5-axis Vertical Machining Center or Horizontal Machining Center components are ideal application for our skilled engineering department. Visit Master Workholding.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc. provides workholding and tooling solutions designed to perform to the highest levels of precision, productivity, and efficiency. We set the standard in high precision boring, multi-tasking mill/turn applications, modular tooling, workholding, and clamping systems, solid carbide and high speed steel precision drills, tool presetting and measuring. Visit BIG Kaiser.

Koma Precision is the largest distributor of Tsudakoma rotary tables in the world, with over 26,000 installed. Koma also offers Alberti angle head milling units and custom solutions, including for swiss style lathes. As machining applications advance to require higher and higher rotational speeds, Koma meets the market demand with high speed, high precision air spindles by Alberti including Turboflex and Turbodrill. For details on every Koma solution, Visit Koma Precision

BENZ is one of the leading manufacturers for live tools, angle heads, hydraulic expansion chucks, heat shrink chucks, and tool holders for the metalworking industries. Our know-how, grown in tradition and the high demand for quality are the motivation to achieve the optimum solution for every application. Visit BENZ INC.

Dillon Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in Chuck Jaws. Hard jaws, soft jaws, specials, full grip jaws, reversible hard jaws, intermediate height jaws, jawnuts and keys, metric, inch, square and acme serrated jaws, tongue and groove jaws, special jaws, miscellaneous jaws and just about any other chuck jaw imaginable. Why is Dillon Manufacturing the go-to chuck jaw supplier? Because when you need it tomorrow, you can rely on Dillon Manufacturing today. Quality Chuck Jaws made in the USA.
Visit Dillion Manufacturing

Northfield Precision is the leading manufacturer of precision air chucks and accessories for over 50 years. The company mission has been and still is, to provide the industry with superior quality and service for the most accurate air chucks manufactured in the world. Northfield specializes in technical support that is given to all original equipment manufacturers as well as end users
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