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Manufacturer(s): Belmont

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Manufacturer Model ID Operation
Frame Travel Mode Max Part Weight
Belmont ASTEC 2AM Non-CNC "C" Column 220
Belmont ASTEC 3A Non-CNC "C" Column 662
Belmont ASTEC 5A Non-CNC "C" Column 441
Belmont MAXI CNC 126 CNC Sinker "C" Table 1760
Belmont MAXI CNC 136 CNC Sinker "C" Table 2200
Belmont MAXI CNC 146 CNC Sinker "C" Table 2867
Belmont MAXI CNC 156 CNC Sinker "C" Table 4850
Belmont MAXI CNC 166 CNC Sinker "C" Table 17000
Belmont MAXI ZNC 216 Non-CNC "C" Table 880
Belmont MAXI ZNC 226 Non-CNC "C" Table 1760
Belmont MAXI ZNC 236 Non-CNC "C" Table 2200
Belmont MAXI ZNC 246 Non-CNC "C" Table 2867
Belmont MAXI ZNC 256 Non-CNC "C" Table 4850
Belmont MAXI ZNC 266 Non-CNC "C" Table 17000
Belmont MAXICUT 316 Non-CNC "C" Table 880
Belmont MAXICUT 326 Non-CNC "C" Table 1760
Belmont MAXICUT 336 Non-CNC "C" Table 2200
Belmont MAXICUT 346 Non-CNC "C" Table 2867
Belmont MAXICUT 356 Non-CNC "C" Table 4850
Belmont MAXICUT 366 Non-CNC "C" Table 17000
Belmont MAXICUT S-26 Non-CNC "C" Table 990
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