7 Manufacturer Events to Check Out in May and June

20. April 2018
Haimer open house event

Haimer is one of at least seven OEMs hosting open house or technology events in May and June.


As the machining world begins to collectively bend toward September’s much-anticipated International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), a number of machining manufacturers are hosting local events. In May and June, consider attending one or more of these seven events being hosted by original equipment manufacturers and their partners: 

  • DMG MORI Innovation Days 2018
    May 7-10, Chicago, Illinois
    DMG MORI’s Chicago Innovation Days highlights new technology with machine premieres and more than 30 machine demonstrations. Industry 4.0, automation and more will be featured topics.
  • Haimer Open House
    May 8-10, Villa Park, Illinois
    Haimer’s annual open house highlights Industry 4.0 solutions with guest speakers, live machining demonstrations and more. 
  • Big Kaiser Breakfast & Learn
    May 8-10, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
    Big Kaiser’s Breakfast & Learn event will begin with breakfast at 7:30 followed by technical presentations at 8:30. Topics for the technical presentations include “Higher Productivity Milling – Advanced Cutter and Tool Holding Technology,” “Digitally Connected Tooling Systems” and “Five-Axis Workholding.”
  • BlueArc Open House
    May 9-10, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Mitsui Seiki and TechSolve will host a public unveiling of the Blue Arc machining technology at a Technology Preview & Demonstration. The Blue Arc technology was developed in partnership with GE and Mitsui Seiki in an effort to produce parts out of superalloys faster and more efficiently.
  • Technology Days at ZPS
    May 16-17, Indianapolis, Indiana
    Technology Days at ZPS will introduce new technology for multi-spindle applications, ZPS Siwss CNC machines with Cucchi loaders, and Gozio transfer machines. Factory representatives will speak on latest developments and customers will share their experience with ZPS machine tools. A shuttle service will bring visitors to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500 time trials.
  • Discover More with Mazak Event
    June 5-8, Gardena, California
    At this event, Mazak will showcase the latest advancements in multitasking technology and a variety of cost-effective automation solutions that can enable unmanned operations and increase spindle utilization. In addition to live cutting demonstrations on 17 of its machine tools, Mazak and several of its Value Inspired Partners (VIPs) will present a series of TEK talks on some of the industry’s hottest trends and techniques.
  • Technology Days at Emag
    June 6-7, Farmington Hills, Michigan
    The event at Emag’s North American headquarters will include live demonstrations of machine tools as well as a series of technical and market presentations by industry experts. Topics will cover the machining and joining technologies the company currently brings to the market including vertical milling, electrochemical machining (ECM), laser and induction hardening.


When in the Machine Tool Buying Cycle Should You Use Techspex?

Posted by: Jedd Cole 6. April 2018
Modern Machine Shop and Techspex

Modern Machine Shop is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. But Techspex is no spring chicken.

Did you know Techspex is over 20 years old? Nick Bloom started the platform in 1996 as an online database of machine tool specifications enabling users to search by specific parameters and compare machine specs within or across brands. A former machine tool salesperson himself, Bloom often published his insights and takes on the latest machine tool technology on this blog.

Techspex: An Initial Research Tool

In one blog post from 2015, he reflected on the place of machine tool specifications in the process of coming to understand a piece of equipment. Bloom saw Techspex as the first step in the process of looking for and buying a new machine.

“We don’t say that because we’re boasting,” he writes. “Rather, Techspex is a research tool that’s best used at the very beginning of a machine tool buying project.” Bloom compares Techspex to a sort of restaurant menu.

That said, Bloom writes that other resources are needed to help make the best decision.

Going Beyond Machine Tool Specs

For Bloom, Modern Machine Shop was a natural second or third place to look when considering the purchase of a new machine tool.

“Beyond the specs is the story of machining processes, implementation, engineering, performance, and all the ramifications of making parts,” he writes. “Digging deeper, by reading the story behind the machines, may provide insight that suggests or eliminates one machine compared to others.” Sure, he says, the magazine is a great resource at all times, but when in the market for a new machine, it might provide the opportunity to “read between the lines to find out what model specifications can’t and won’t tell you.”

One way to go about this is by using the “Related Content” sidebar on any Techspex machine specs page or company showroom page. For a more robust search, enables users to search content by product release, blog post, article or case study. For that matter, depending on the type of machine, it might have been covered in either of Modern’s sister magazines, Production Machining or MoldMaking Technology.

As Bloom puts it, “When used together, these resources provide a deeper, richer, more useful research experience.”


Demand for Machined Parts Is Increasing Shop Bargaining Power

Posted by: Eli Plaskett 29. March 2018


A version of this blog post originally appeared on MMS Online. 

GBI Metalworking index on production and new orders

Since late 2017, the rate of growth in new orders has outpaced the growth in production, meaning shop owners are gaining leverage to push for higher prices.


For many job shops, business is booming. An index tracking metalworking reveals as much, and it further shows that demand for machining services may potentially present job shops with interesting opportunities.

The Gardner Business Index: Metalworking (Metalworking Index), an economic indicator for the machine tool industry developed by Gardner Intelligence, takes several factors into account to examine trends in the discrete-parts manufacturing industry, including job shops. Since the end of 2016, the Metalworking Index has found that job shops have been experiencing a steady growth in new orders for parts. Throughout 2017, the rate of growth in new orders has increased dramatically, eventually overtaking the growth rate of production. According to Gardner Intelligence Chief Economist Michael Guckes, “This means that manufacturers were unable to keep pace with the demand or were at least caught off guard by how strong recent new orders volumes have been.”

With the growth of new orders continuing to outpace the growth in production, the job shop owner has more bargaining power when it comes to pricing. Guckes says, “A growing percentage of shops have recently been able to negotiate for higher prices,” and the Metalworking Index indicates that this trend is likely to continue. Right now, the economy is supporting the bargaining power of part producers, he says. Given that the market is placing a high value on machining, the shop owner should, too.


Key Considerations for Selecting a CNC Lathe

22. March 2018
stock photo of a lathe turning a part

The lathe commonly is considered “the mother of machine tools” because it led to the invention of other machine tools. It is available in a variety of iterations, with a wide variety of features to suit an even wider variety of applications. Taking into account all the information provided here hopefully will help you determine which version is right for your needs.

That’s from industry expert Barry Rogers’ latest article for the Techspex Knowledge Center, “What to Consider when Buying a Machine Tool.” Read up on what to consider when purchasing a CNC lathe here. 

This marks the fifth such article in our ongoing series on the considerations machine tool buyers should keep in mind, focusing on various types of machine monitored in Techspex’s database of over 7,000 machine models. Past articles include: 

Find all the articles as well as a sampling of products from our supplier partners on the Knowledge Center mini-site


Chevalier Has Improved Its Smart-818III Grinder

16. March 2018
Chevalier Smart B818III grinder

Chevalier Machinery has made some changes to its Smart-818III grinding machine intended to increase operator efficiency, improve machine productivity and promote a cleaner shop environment. 

The changes include: 

  • An increase of the fully-enclosed interior space from 59" × 20" to 79" × 20", and a decrease in the footprint width from 104" to 84" 
  • A larger cover that opens from the top, making workpiece loading/unloading both easier and faster
  • A wider front door and a larger viewing area, providing a bigger and better view of the grinding operation
  • A new splash cover design which reduces oil mist leakage from the grinding process, resulting in a drier and healthier work area

Other improvements to the machine include a wider waterway to accelerate coolant discharge from the machine and a now-standard LED working light to better illuminate the machine interior. 

“These customer-driven features have been added to a machine that already is highly regarded throughout the industry for its exemplary accuracy,” says Johnson Lan, Chevalier vice president. “From the first finished workpiece to the one millionth in the same run, our customers consider the Smart-818III the most accurate and easiest-to-operate machine in the market.”

Find and compare more Makino machine tool specs from the company’s Techspex showroom.

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