GF Machining Solutions Introduces Updated Look to Its Machines

Posted by: 10. October 2019

Ahead of EMO Hannover 2019, GF Machining Solutions announced a new modular design for its machines. Nearly two years in the making, the redesign is expected to improve the appearance of machines and be more immediately recognizable. 

“This machine design update will bring a cohesive appearance to all of our many products across all of these technologies,” says Fabio Ferraro, machine design and standardization manager. “We want customers to see our machines and immediately know they are looking at a GF Machining Solutions product.”

Products with the new design fully applied will have the LED-lit logo and technology identifier as well as additional features. These include:

  • Cohesive machine colors in white, gray and black
  • A cubic shape and a winged black design element at the top of the machine whenever possible
  • A black handle on a gray operator door
  • Horizontal orange unifying stripes above and below the machine panels
  • A homogenous approach to the design of the operator console and its supporting arm

For products developed with partners and dedicated products, the design includes a white operator door with unifying orange stripes running vertically along each side as well as the LED-lit GF logo, the partner’s logo in white LED lighting and the technology identifier.

“This is an ambitious undertaking because we have so many different technologies, products, and production sites around the world,” says Mr. Ferraro. “As our new machine design becomes visible, customers will recognize all machines across our portfolio as coming from one source: GF Machining Solutions.”

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