Machine Tool Takes Back Seat To Control & Software

Posted by: 9. October 2014


According to Direct Motion, Inc., an Ontario, CA machine tool producer, most VMC base machines are similar.  The big differentiator from brand to brand can be the control.   Because the CNC and software running the machines have the power to dramatically make a difference in operability, productivity, and overall machining performance, the control and software is where the development folks at DM have focused their attention.

To start, the machine’s 39” control monitor is one of the largest and easiest to see and access. The control panel itself is all touch screen-based and can be configured as each user wishes. Because the monitor is so large, multiple screens of information can be displayed at the same time without losing resolution.  According to DM, the Windows-based control can be operated by anyone who can use a computer. And the control can operate using G-codes or in the system-included DM Cam mode.  Either way, the system’s tool path verification function can prove out the program before running a part.

As I watched the YouTube video on the machine, control and software, I saw that a teach-in style approach to simple programming was easy to follow.  Built in software features are included such as emulate tool diameter, and probe auto-center.

DM has tapped into the efficiency of the Internet for training as well as machine support.  Remote service is quickly available, including video to allow a service technician to see what the operator is seeing. All of the service manuals and training courses are online for customer access.

The DM VMC Series travels range from 23.6” x 15.75” x 15.75” to 47.25” x 27.56” x 27.56” with tables from 31.5” to 47.25” long and 15.75” to 23.62” wide. The product line includes four models.  Though I hadn’t heard of DM until last month, I learned that Direct Motion had previously teamed up with Rottler, the engine-building machine company, supplying the DM CNC on their machines.  

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