New Specs: Machine Tools and EDMs from Mitsubishi

22. July 2019
new specs

Techspex has added a number of updated machine specs to our database of milling and turning machines from MC Machinery Systems and electrical discharge machines from Mitsubishi EDM. Among the machines we’ve updated are:

  • Among the turning machines updated is MC Machinery’s LT1-76YM, a multi-axis turn-mill with a 45-degree slant bed and the option of as many as three servo-driven turrets. 
  • Among the milling machines updated is MC Machinery’s Eagle V5, a 23-hp five-axis machining center with the capacity to handle a 550-pound workpiece on its 15.75" table. 
  • Among the EDMs updated is Mitsubishi EDM’s MV4800 Advance, a wire EDM whose modified auto-threader casting increases the maximum workpiece thickness to 32". 

You can see and compare among the scores of other machine specs added to these two Mitsubishi manufacturers by visiting their Techspex showrooms, linked above. While you’re taking note, be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter and follow us on Twitter @techspex to stay current on additions and updates to the Techspex database.

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