New Specs: Milling and Turning Machines from Hurco

1. February 2019
new specs Hurco

Techspex has added specs on several machine tools that Hurco introduced in 2018, with more to come, including:

  • The VC500i, a five-axis cantilever VMC, with XYZ travels measuring 20.5" × 17.7" × 15.8" (520 × 450 × 400 mm) and a 10,000-rpm, 15-hp spindle
  • The HM1700Ri, a four-axis horizontal milling machine with XYZ travels measuring 67" × 47" × 35" (1,700 × 1,200 × 900 mm) and an 8,000-rpm, 35.4-hp spindle
  • The HTL8-60i, a toolroom lathe with X and Z travels measuring 11.81" and 63", respectively, and a 24-hp spindle with 100 to 2,600 hp

We have added other machine specs as well. Find more Hurco machine models to browse and compare soon on its company showroom here on Techspex.

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