New Specs: Swiss-Type Lathes from KSI Swiss

13. November 2019
new specs from KSI Swiss

Techspex has added several updated machine specs to our database of machining centers from KSI Swiss. Specifically, we’ve added specs for several Swiss-type lathes in the company’s TCM S series: The TCM 20S, the TCM 32S and the TCM 38S. These seven-axis lathes feature large openings for easier access for setup. 

Among the other features in the series is what KSI calls Intelligent Chucking. This feture takes advantage of the 300-mm stroke to reduce the number of bar re-chucks during long production runs. “Instead of rechecking for each part, the spindle feeds 280 millimeters of material to make multiple parts in a single chucking operation and increments forward for each part. See how this can shave even more off your cycle time,” the company says.

You can see and compare KSI’s newly added machine specs by visiting its Techspex showroom, linked above. While you’re taking note, be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter and follow us on Twitter @techspex to stay current on additions and updates to the Techspex database.

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