New Specs: Turning, Milling and Grinding Machines from DMG MORI

Techspex has added and updated specifications on dozens of machines from DMG MORI.

Blog From: 1/8/2020 Techspex

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new specs DMG MORI

Techspex has added and updated dozens of machine specs to our database of machine tools from DMG MORI

Among the turning center additions, which include the NZX, NT, SL and Sprint series, is the NTX 1000 multitasking mill-turn. It performs simultaneous five-axis machining of complex parts with the direct-drive motor (DDM) installed in the B axis. 

Among the milling machine additions, which include the DMF and DMU series, is the DMC 160 U DuoBlock universal machining center. The machine enables milling and turning in one setup with the direct-drive table and rotational speeds up to 400 rpm.

Grinder additions include the Vertical Mate 55, 85 and 125; the CVG 6 and CVG 9; and the PGV 3

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