The Remarkable Abilities of Wire EDM

14. May 2018
wire EDM

Industry expert Barry Rogers has completed another article for the Techspex Knowledge Center, “What to Consider when Buying a Machine Tool.” 

This time, Rogers walks through an introduction to wire electrical discharge machines. They’ve come a long way in the past few decades: 

EDM units from the early 1980s might achieve cutting speeds of 3 to 4 square inches per hour. With changes in machine design and power supplies, speeds of 17 square inches per hour became attainable in the 1990s. Today, with improved power supplies, working in conjunction with sophisticated adaptive controls, it is not uncommon to achieve 24, 37 and in some cases 45 square inches per hour.

Read up on the basics of wire EDM here. 

This marks the sixth article in our ongoing series on the considerations machine tool buyers should keep in mind, focusing on various types of machine monitored in Techspex’s database of over 7,000 machine models. Past articles include: 

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