Tsugami/Rem Sales’ Second Annual West Coast Open House Features Multi-Axis Lathes

12. January 2018

Rem Sales Brand Manager Ashley Dombrowski says that the company’s recent Fullerton Tech Center Open House was a success. She reports that the Ellison Technologies and Tsugami/Rem Sales teams were joined by representatives from industry partners including Esprit (by DP Technology), Autodesk, NSK America, Edge Technologies, Caron Engineering and LNS America. Some 80 registrants attended the two-day event from some 48 companies. It was the second such event held at the company’s Fullerton, California, Tech Center.

Tsugami/Rem Sales is the exclusive supplier to North America of Tsugami machine tools.

On display were several Tsugami multi-axis lathes, including:

  • BW129Z: a 12-mm, nine-axis split-slide lathe with a simultaneous three-path control system and dual independent gang slides.
  • B0326-II: a 32-mm, six-axis machine designed for machining round or prismatic parts, cutting cycle time by permitting synchronized operation of the main spindle and subspindle.
  • B038T: a 38-mm, high-performance gang/turret turning center that can perform seven types of simultaneous machining operations involving the front, back and cross spindles.
  • B0126: a 12-mm, six-axis convertible Swiss-type lathe adding Y2-axis capability to the back tool post for additional flexibility to the B0 configuration.

Specifications for these and other Tsugami lathes can be found at the company’s Techspex showroom. Users with a free Techspex registration can also compare these specs with those of any other multi-spindle lathes in the database to make the best purchase decision.

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