What to Consider When Buying a CMM

9. August 2018
CMMs at a trade show

Industry expert Barry Rogers has completed another article for the Techspex Knowledge Center, this time considering the purchase of coordinate measuring machines, or CMMs.  

Rogers walks through an introduction to the technology, with special consideration of the future uses of CMMs: 

With the increasing versatility of CMMs and advances in sensor technology, along with more automation, CMMs will become an ever more essential part of the overall process.  For example, CMMs are likely to be used to digitize objects so this data can become part of the digital thread that is unifying the supply chain.

Read up on the basics of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) here. 

This marks the seventh article in our ongoing series on the considerations machine tool buyers should keep in mind, focusing on various technologies monitored in Techspex’s database of over 7,000 machine models. Past articles include: 

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