When in the Machine Tool Buying Cycle Should You Use Techspex?

Looking back on an insight from Nick Bloom about how to achieve a richer, more useful research experience.

Blog From: 4/6/2018 Techspex, Jedd Cole, from Modern Machine Shop

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Modern Machine Shop and Techspex

Modern Machine Shop is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. But Techspex is no spring chicken.

Did you know Techspex is over 20 years old? Nick Bloom started the platform in 1996 as an online database of machine tool specifications enabling users to search by specific parameters and compare machine specs within or across brands. A former machine tool salesperson himself, Bloom often published his insights and takes on the latest machine tool technology on this blog.

Techspex: An Initial Research Tool

In one blog post from 2015, he reflected on the place of machine tool specifications in the process of coming to understand a piece of equipment. Bloom saw Techspex as the first step in the process of looking for and buying a new machine.

“We don’t say that because we’re boasting,” he writes. “Rather, Techspex is a research tool that’s best used at the very beginning of a machine tool buying project.” Bloom compares Techspex to a sort of restaurant menu.

That said, Bloom writes that other resources are needed to help make the best decision.

Going Beyond Machine Tool Specs

For Bloom, Modern Machine Shop was a natural second or third place to look when considering the purchase of a new machine tool.

“Beyond the specs is the story of machining processes, implementation, engineering, performance, and all the ramifications of making parts,” he writes. “Digging deeper, by reading the story behind the machines, may provide insight that suggests or eliminates one machine compared to others.” Sure, he says, the magazine is a great resource at all times, but when in the market for a new machine, it might provide the opportunity to “read between the lines to find out what model specifications can’t and won’t tell you.”

One way to go about this is by using the “Related Content” sidebar on any Techspex machine specs page or company showroom page. For a more robust search, mmsonline.com enables users to search content by product release, blog post, article or case study. For that matter, depending on the type of machine, it might have been covered in either of Modern’s sister magazines, Production Machining or MoldMaking Technology.

As Bloom puts it, “When used together, these resources provide a deeper, richer, more useful research experience.”



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