AIDA - Dayton Technologies Corp.

AIDA - Dayton Technologies Corp.
7660 Center Point 70 Blvd
Dayton, OH 45424-6380

Fax: 937-237-1995

AIDA is a leading pioneer in the metalforming industry with over 85 years of innovation. Devoting five percent or more of its consolidated sales to research and development, AIDA continues to take strides that set it apart from other press builders. The most recent example includes AIDA's advanced proprietary ServoPro technology. ServoPro offers an infinite number of press application combinations, dramatically increases productivity, reduces maintenance costs, improves part accuracy and extends die life.

In addition to continually introducing new press innovations, AIDA maintains a strong global presence with a local customer service approach that is supported by one of the metalforming industry's largest networks of manufacturing and sales organizations in the world.

AIDA offers a full range of presses from 30 to 4000 tons including gap, straightside, progressive die, high-speed, transfer and cold forming presses as well as press automation and total turnkey packages.

AIDA worldwide boasts 1,800,000 million square feet of manufacturing space including facilities in the United States, Europe, Malaysia, China and Japan. With more than 1400- employees and a press manufacturing capacity exceeding 2000 presses per year, AIDA is, in units produced, one of the largest press manufacturers in the world.
  • Press Automation Devices
  • Press Feeds & Loading Equipment
  • Presses, Fine Blanking
  • Presses, Mechanical, Gap Frame
  • Presses, Mechanical, Vertical Straight Side
  • Presses, Stamping, Automatic
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