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Anilam, Inc.
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ANILAM's pioneering history of innovation and leadership in the metalworking industry began in the late 1960's when the company became the first to offer an affordable digital readout package for knee-type milling machines.

Since then, ANILAM has been a forerunner in digital readout technology with the introduction of microprocessor based programmable readouts (1977), contaminant protected glass scale encoders (1978), CRT-based readouts with graphics (1980), interactive message display with feed-rate presentation (1992) and the rollerbearing technology for linear encoders (1996).

ANILAM entered the field of numerical control in 1976 by introducing the MDI-200, its first control. It was one of the first that could be programmed directly at the machine tool. It was soon followed by our first conversational control (1979). In 1984, we were again among the first to introduce a control with a CRT, the Crusader M. ANILAM introduced the first control with a PC-based hardware platform in early 1990. Today, ANILAM's hardware platforms are further enhanced by the PC/DSP dual processor concept.

ANILAM has been an international company since the mid 70's when the first subsidiary was established in England. Now, sales, support, and service is available all over the world through additional sites in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

With such an impressive history in metalworking electronics, the exciting future safely lies with the current introduction of a whole new range of products, digital readouts as well as CNC, that are easier to use and have greater performance. The hallmark of ANILAM has always been the difficult combination of user friendliness and high performance.

Performance, made easy! That is what we do.
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Digital Readout (DRO) Units
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