GISCO Equipment, Inc.

GISCO Equipment, Inc.
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Hauppauge, NY 11788-3912

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GISCO Equipment, Inc is the exclusive importer / distributor of a broad line of high performance EDM wires manufactured by Berkenhoff GmbH (Germany). Our range of EDM wires is ideally suited for older as well as today's European and Japanese machines.

Advances in wire technology are one of the more important contributors to the dynamic field of EDM machining. GISCO and your local authorized GISCO dealers are uniquely qualified to answer your technical and applications questions. Our common goal is to help you get more productivity and profitability from your wire EDM operations. We have the wire and the know-how to help you in the following materials: Carbide, Graphite, PCD and more. Applications such as: Poor Flushing, Tapers (to 45 degrees), Tall Workpieces, Prototypes or Production benefit from the widest variety of EDM wires available. Let us show you how we have increased the productivity of companies such as yours up to 40% or more. Precision GISCO wires are available in plain brass (BERCOCUT(r), MEGACUT(r), SOMSAL(r)), zinc coated (COBRA CUT(r), MEGACUT(r)), diffusion annealed (COBRA CUT(r), MEGACUT(r), BRONCO CUT(r) and zinc rich high strength alloy core (MICROCUT(r)) types. Wire diameters are available from 0.0012" to 0.016" diameter with tensile strengths from 55,000 to 280,000 p.s.i. and in spool weights to 100 lbs.

For the latest in : product news, real world customer applications and GISCO know-how, visit our web site at or e-mail us at .
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