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Halogen Lighting Products Corporation
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The machine tool industry has progressed at astronomical speeds, resulting in an unparalleled demand for precision from increasingly sophisticated machine tools. To effectively meet the growing demands for greater precision and even tighter tolerances that the 21st century will demand, machine operators must have proper lighting to illuminate their work areas. Halogen Lighting Products Corporation - an industry leader in specialized halogen, fluorescent, LED lighting designed and built to withstand the harshest industrial applications in the industrial machine, and manufacturing sectors. For proper machine lighting can be justified within the first hour of installing the intense, natural, white light required for high precision manufacturing. Proper and direct machine lighting for the machine operator is a simple and inexpensive way to lower the costs of manufacturing. There is a direct correlation between lower costs and increased sales. “The very highest quality of lighting fixtures found in the world.” Our industrial fixtures are built to endure the harshest machine and industrial environments found anywhere in the world in terms of industrial lubricants/ coolants, vibration, dust, heat, and flying metal debris.

Halogen Lighting Products Corporation offers:

*  The highest quality with the lowest pricing and the broadest selection of machine and industrial fixtures in North America.

As a corporation we continue to commit serious promises to our customers:
*  Impeccable business integrity.
*  The highest excellence in product quality.
*  The highest excellence in personalized service.
*  Customized product satisfaction to the smallest detail.
*  Same day shipments.
*  100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
*  The lowest pricing possible.

We take great pride that Halogen Lighting Products’ machine and industrial fixtures are playing such an important role across virtually every market and manufacturing segment in North America in increasing our customers’ product quality.

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