Mitsubishi EDM/Laser

Mitsubishi EDM/Laser
A Division of MC Machinery Systems, Inc.
1500 Michael Drive
Wood Dale, IL 60191

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MC Machinery Systems, Inc./Mitsubishi EDM & LASER is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance EDM and LASER machines. Mitsubishi EDM/LASER has extensive R&D facilities which have helped to produce the exclusive features that make Mitsubishi EDM and LASER machines the best on the market. Features such as the patented AE (anti-electrolysis) power supply for high-speed, high-quality finished parts and Fuzzy Pro artificial intelligence for unattended operation, set Mitsubishi apart from the EDM crowd. Mitsubishi utilizes precision design and engineering expertise to build quality into every wire EDM and every sinker EDM machine that bears its name.

Wire EDM machines such as the FA series include features like submerged machining, AE power supply, automatic wire processing and large workpiece capacities. These features combined with Mitsubishi's legendary reliability mean that you can make quality parts, time and time, and time again.

Sinker EDM machines such as the EA series include features like Fuzzy Pro for unattended operation, FP power supply for reduced electrode wear and large workpiece capacities. Mold making has never been faster or easier until now.

For even larger mold jobs, the Ingersoll gantry-style sinker EDM now incorporates Mitsubishi controls, making this heavy-duty workhorse more functional and easier to operate than ever before.

Mitsubishi EDM also has an extensive training program, ensuring complete training on every machine sold. Superb customer service and technical support are hallmarks of Mitsubishi EDM, as well as a full selection of EDM consumable products, such as wire, power feeds, filters and resin regeneration programs. Simply put, MC Machinery/Mitsubishi EDM & LASER is the premier source for the highest quality, best performing and most reliable EDM and LASER equipment. Offices coast to coast.

MC Machinery is also the National Sales Agent of Roku-Roku High Speed, High-Accuracy Machining Centers. These fine machine tools have been developed for highly accurate applications, milling of hard materials and for graphite machining applications.
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