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Man's desire to explore space and safely return led to the development of specialty materials that could withstand high temperatures during reentry. One of these materials in the race to conquer space was a specialty graphite developed by a Texas based aerospace company. Because an alternate material was selected for this application, this unique technology was sold to Pure Oil Company in 1964. This graphite division became known as POCO, an acronym for the new owner. POCO's specialty graphites finally made it to outer space in 1977. This material was used in the radioisotope thermoelectric generators onboard Voyager I and Voyager II.

Today, Poco Graphite is owned by an investment group led by SG Capital Partners and Whitney & Co. SG Capital Partners has a long history of working with high growth industries and technology companies to build strategic partnerships. SG Capital Partners LLC is the American merchant banking affiliate of Societe Generale Group, one of the ten largest banks in the world. Whitney & Co., founded in 1946, was the US’s first venture capital firm. Whitney & Co. has over $5 billion in invested capital and has a strong record of identifying and partnering with companies poised to take advantage of growth opportunities.

POCO materials are used in many diverse applications and industries. POCO products are produced for the following major markets: Semiconductor and general industrial products, biomedical, glass industry products and electrical discharge machining (EDM). As a producer of highly technical materials, POCO offers exceptional customer support, including specific application information, design capability, machining and materials testing.
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