CMM Model

Carl Zeiss PRISMO
Bridge Type CMM Measuring Machine


ZEISS PRISMO navigator enables high-speed with maximum precision.  It automatically configures the maximum measuring speed during scanning – with guaranteed accuracy. Additional time is saved through tangential approach and scanning, helix scanning and fast dynamic stylus calibration.

Computer-Aided accuracy (CAA)

ZEISS PRISMO navigator uses computerguided corrections of all dynamic influences on the machine. This optimizes precision during high-speed scanning.

Measuring near production

ZEISS PRISMO is also ready for environments near production, thus eliminating a trip to the measuring lab. All machine parts critical to operations are matched. This is achieved through the use of in-house developments for all critical components.

Machine technology

Bridge made of carbon-fiber compounds and ceramic for minimal weight and high flexural strength
Temperature-neutral, glass ceramic scales
All axes with air bearings from ZEISS on four sides. X axis: 8 air bearings; Y axis: 8 air bearings; Z axis: 5 air bearings
Elastomer vibration damping, as well as covered guideways and scales for use near production
Workpiece weights up to 5,000 kg

ZEISS PRISMO ultra further increases the accuracy of ZEISS PRISMO navigator. This precision is achieved through more accurate scales, a modified air bearing connection, air damping and stricter matching of all machine parts. ZEISS PRISMO ultra is therefore ideal for jobs in research, development and quality assurance, as well as for the calibration of gages and test pieces.

multi application sensor system

ZEISS PRISMO navigator comes standard with the multi application sensor system (mass) from ZEISS. mass enables both contact and optical measuring on the same machine. Sensors can be changed out in just a few steps thanks to the common interface for all sensors.



Bridge Type CMM Measuring Machine
Style: Floor
Measurement Type: Scanning
Frame Type: Fixed Bridge
Max Part Size 48.000 in X 35.000 in X 28.000 in 1,220.000 mm X 885.000 mm X 710.000 mm
Max Part Size (Optional) 190.000 in X 66.500 in X 60.000 in 4,820.000 mm X 1,690.000 mm X 1,525.000 mm
X Axis Travels 27.500 Inches 700.000 mm Opt. 63.000 Opt. 1,600.000
Y Axis Travels 35.400 Inches900.000 mm Opt. 165.000 Opt. 4,200.000
Z Axis Travels 19.700 Inches500.000 mm Opt. 51.000 Opt. 1,300.000
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