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IMS Impact 1000
High-Performance, Affordable, CMM


The Impact range sets the benchmark for a high performance CMM at affordable pricing. In light with the IMS latest technologies, Impact uses lightweight yet stiff carbon fibre for the construction of the Z column along with Aluminium Alloy for the bridge section. Both materials offer an excellent stiffness to weight ration providing a better dynamic performance for the machine. The Impact features high accuracy, class leading rapid CNC measuring cycles with acceleration rates of 2500mm/sec2 to reach 860mm/sec 3D traverse speeds and the built-in endurance to withstand the rigors of the shop floor. Incorporating IMS’ unique RapidScan™ technology, it can acquire 8 points per second using a typical touch trigger probe.


Impact 1000

High-Performance, Affordable, CMM
Style: Floor
Measurement Type: Other
Frame Type: Fixed Bridge    Control: PC Based
Max Part Size 59.000 in X 39.300 in X 25.600 in 1,500.000 mm X 1,000.000 mm X 650.000 mm
Table Size (inches) 76.000 Inches X 29.300 Inches 1930.000 mm X 745.000 mm
X Axis Travels 29.700 Inches 750.000 mm
Y Axis Travels 39.300 Inches1,000.000 mm
Z Axis Travels 25.600 Inches650.000 mm
Maximum Rapid Rate 2031 51600
Resolution 0.000004 Inches 0.000100 mm
Temperature Range 50 - 104 ℉ 10 - 40 ℃
Machine Length 83.00 Inches 2,120.00 mm
Machine Width 67.00 Inches 1,696.00 mm
Machine Height 108.00 Inches 2,750.00 mm
Machine Weight 2,530 lbs. 1,150 Kg
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