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Manufacturer(s): Chmer

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Manufacturer Model ID Operation
Frame Travel Mode Max Part Weight
Chmer CM1055 CNC Sinker "C" Table & Column 770
Chmer CM1055R Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 11000
Chmer CM120 Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 661
Chmer CM240C CNC Sinker "C" Table & Column 1100
Chmer CM240R Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 1102
Chmer CM240Z Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 1100
Chmer CM380 Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 1653
Chmer CM380Z Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 1650
Chmer CM433C CNC Sinker "C" Table & Column 2200
Chmer CM480 Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 3307
Chmer CM480Z Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 3300
Chmer CM580 Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 4960
Chmer CM580Z Non-CNC "C" Table & Column 4950
Chmer CM645C CNC Sinker "C" Table & Column 5500
Chmer CM855C CNC Sinker "C" Table & Column 770
Chmer EQ325L CNC Wire Bridge Table 770
Chmer EQ425L CNC Wire Bridge Table 1100
Chmer EQ530L CNC Wire Bridge Table 1320
Chmer GX360L CNC Wire "C" Table 660
Chmer GX430L CNC Wire "C" Table 770
Chmer GX530L CNC Wire "C" Table 1100
Chmer GX640L CNC Wire "C" Table 1320
Chmer RX1063F CNC Wire Other Table 6600
Chmer RX1063S CNC Wire Other Table 3300
Chmer RX1065S CNC Wire Other Table 6600
Chmer RX1283S CNC Wire Other Table 8800
Chmer RX853FL CNC Wire Other Table 4400
Chmer RX853SL CNC Wire Other Table 2200