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Manufacturer(s): Daisho Seiki

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Manufacturer Model ID Machine
Max Grinding Dimension HP
Daisho Seiki DDG-355 Disc Semi-auto (L) 2.362 in x (W) 0.787 in 10.00
Daisho Seiki DDG-585 Disc Semi-auto (L) 6.299 in x (W) 5.118 in 80.00
Daisho Seiki DDG-760 Disc Semi-auto (L) 9.449 in x (W) 5.512 in 100.00
Daisho Seiki DDG-915 Disc Semi-auto (L) 11.024 in x (W) 6.299 in 100.00
Daisho Seiki GMV-150 Disc Semi-auto (L) 0.787 in x (W) 0.591 in 2.00
Daisho Seiki GMV-250 Disc Semi-auto (L) 1.181 in x (W) 0.591 in 3.00
Daisho Seiki GMV-305 Disc Semi-auto (L) 1.969 in x (W) 0.591 in 5.00
Daisho Seiki GMV-355 Disc Semi-auto (L) 2.362 in x (W) 0.591 in 5.10
Daisho Seiki GMV-450 Disc Semi-auto (L) 2.953 in x (W) 0.984 in 5.10
Daisho Seiki GMV-510 Disc Semi-auto (L) 2.953 in x (W) 0.984 in 7.30
Daisho Seiki GMV-585 Disc Semi-auto (L) 3.937 in x (W) 1.969 in 20.00
Daisho Seiki GMV-760 Disc Semi-auto (L) 7.087 in x (W) 2.953 in 20.00
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