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Manufacturer(s): Mitsubishi Heavy Ind.

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Manufacturer Model ID Machine
Max Grinding Dimension HP
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. PD32-B32-50-100 OD CNC (L) 12.600 in x (OD) 9.800 in 10.00
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. R230 OD CNC (L) 13.800 in x (OD) 5.900 in 4.90
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. RC45-B100 - 200 OD CNC (L) 39.370 in x (W) 17.717 in x (OD) 17.717 in 15.00
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. RD23 OD CNC (L) 13.780 in x (W) 5.906 in x (OD) 5.906 in 4.90
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. RD32-B50-100 OD CNC (L) 19.685 in x (W) 11.811 in x (OD) 11.811 in 7.30
Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. RD45-B100 - 200 OD CNC (L) 39.400 in x (OD) 17.717 in 14.70
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