SCHUNK is a family owned operation and a global player, in one. Totaling more than 60 years of experience, SCHUNK offers worldwide leading technology in clamping technology and gripping systems. With more than 2,000 employees located in more than 50 countries in a network of directly owned subsidiaries, SCHUNK offers global customer service and technical support.

SCHUNK designs and manufactures an unmatched selection of toolholding, special hydrualics, and workholding products as well as industrial automation components.

SCHUNK lives its mission that "with a pioneering spirit and perfection, we are setting worldwide standards".

As a brand ambassador of the SCHUNK team, the No. 1 goalkeeper communicates our global competence leadership for clamping technology and gripping systems. The top performance of SCHUNK and Jens Lehmann are characterized by dynamics, precision, and reliability.

Here in the Cutting Tool Resource Center, SCHUNK USA presents an index of toolholding product solutions that address typical and unconventional toolholding challenges with outstanding results for most every round tool application.

TENDO Hydraulic Clamping TRIBOS Polygonal Clamping SINO Universal Toolholders


Tribos Sino

TENDO Tool holders are easy-to-use and highly accurate (runout accuracy of .003mm or less at 2.5x the diameter). Tool changing is accomplished with a simple wrench. Hydraulic expansion provides outstanding clamping and vibration dampening characteristics for light to medium duty machining.

TRIBOS Tool holding systems provide a capability to handle a broad range of tool and shank types from .3mm diameter up to 1-1/4" diameter while providing high accuracy and the ability to handle extremely high speeds, tested up to 205,000 -1/min. The system uses manual or automatic setup units for tool change.

SINO Tool holders provide high accuracy (.005mm runout accuracy at the holder face) and rigidity with highly affordable pricing. Medium to heavy duty machining applications are typical for SINO. Tool change is accomplished with a C-spanner wrench.

Chuck Jaws Lathe Chucks Stationary Part Clamping

Lathe Chucks

Chuck Jaws Stationary Part Clamping

SCHUNK USA's on-site US-manufacturing capabilities insure quick response and turn-around. A nationwide network of Regional Sales Managers provide personalized, professional support for each customer and application.

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