SINO Uiversal Toolholders

Quality from SCHUNK, innovative and at an unbeatable price.

The range of SINO universal toolholders is designed for multi-purpose use based on the expansion technology. Concentricity ≤ 0.005 mm measured in the clamping bore.

In comparison to conventionally used toolholding systems such as Weldon, Whistle Notch or ER collet style holders, the universal toolholders of the SINO range convince in terms of quality, flexibility and cost savings.

SINO features:

  • Vibration damping design
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Very flexible clamping range with use of intermediate sleeves
  • Precision balanced as standard G 6.3 / 15000 1/min


SINO-R stands for universal application at maximum clamping forces. Developed for heavy-duty cutting, SINO-R is an outstanding alternative to the usual mechanical power chucks. SINO-R stands for an excellent combination of high radial rigidity and very good damping characteristics.

SINO-T is the new universal toolholder from SCHUNK. With innovative design and the ultra-competitive price for multi-purpose use in metal cutting.

SINO-T stands out in terms of quality, flexibility and cost savings when compared to conventional weldon holders and collet style holders.

The SINO-T Toolholder family is designed for universal use from milling machines to machining centres.