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Machine Arrival & Assembly - Once a machine arrives at our Used Equipment facility in Schaumburg, IL it quickly proceeds through our preparation process. The machine is carefully unloaded and brought to the cleaning area.

Hand Clean - We hand clean every machine with rags before we place it on our showroom floor. A steam or pressure cleaned machine significantly increases risk to all machine electrics. We hand clean our machines; therefore, we maintain the integrity of all electrics and provide a cleaner machine. We also remove the sheet metal, for inspection purposes, and make sure the wiring and mechanics are in good shape. We also check all the bearing, ways and ballscrews.

Inspection and Repairs
Our experienced service engineers detail and document the functionality and repeatability of each machine as it is received into inventory. We also document any repairs that will be needed in order to ensure an efficiently operating machine. This report can be found on each machine's webpage at www.msiused.com

Preparation for Shipment
After the sale we prepare each machine for shipment by properly disconnecting the electrical connections and thoroughly marking them for easy reconnection by our customer.

Before shipment, each moving part is blocked and secured. Then the machine is wrapped in plastic for three reasons:

To prevent water damage

To preserve the cleanliness of machine

To protect it from any dirt or damage during transport

Finally, all machines leaving the MSI Used Equipment facility are fully tarped - no matter what the weather or distance of the trip. And we insist on shipping via an air ride trailer, which provides the smoothest and safest ride for the machine and will minimize the chance of damage.

Why Buy from MSI?

Our reputation is impeccable - we will pay cash for used machines. We have been in business for 30 years.

We have in-house service technicians.

Two warehouse locations in the Midwest - Schaumburg, IL, and Brookfield, WI

Our Schaumburg facility has its own 21,000-ft. building to accommodate the needs of today and tomorrow.

All machines available for viewing under power.

Many inventory machines are sold with a 30 day return or repair privilege.

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