Predator Software Inc.

8835 SW Canyon Lane, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97225

Fax: 503-292-7671

Since 1994, Predator Software has not only become the industry leader in DNC and shop floor communications, we have totally redefined what DNC is and have raised the standard by which all other DNC vendors, across the globe, shoot for.

Predator Software Inc., located in Portland, Oregon is focused on the development of applications and solutions that provide manufacturers with answers to the real world shop floor communications and automation problems. From our experienced and dedicated staff to our own internal systems for development, testing, sales, and support; Predator Software is committed to investing in the resources it takes to remain the recognized industry leader in shop floor automation technologies.

"Every day more and more manufacturing companies come to rely on Predator shop floor solutions, services, and expertise to increase their manufacturing productivity and profitability."
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