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All of Inora’s Intelligent Decision Making (IDM) software and products are built upon our breakthrough Math Engine — an analytical tool that extracts reliable, real-time insights from any set of data, regardless of its size or state.

The Math Engine itself is powered by our proprietary algorithm. Developed over the course of more than 20 years by Inora scientists and researchers, this algorithm leverages the concept of generalized equilibrium. Put simply, this means that the algorithm autonomously determines the center of equilibrium in any dataset; it does this by defining a unique center, which is the shortest distance between all participating data and a single point.

In addition to determining the center of equilibrium, Inora’s Math Engine reveals a unique form called the Inner Reference. This shape is defined as the area where all participating data points have the shortest orthogonal distances thereto — in turn, it defines the optimum generalized space around the center point.


By finding the optimal center and space within any set of data, you can easily:

Make accurate comparisons
Make accurate predictions
Fuse and analyze multiple sets of data
Pinpoint the root of challenges immediately

  • Comparators, Optical & Other
  • Gages, Mechanical
  • Quality & Measurement
  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, NC Verification
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
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