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Mastercam is CAD/CAM software for Microsoft Windows platforms, supporting 2 through 5 axis milling, turning, wire EDM, moldbase development 3D design and drafting, surface and solids modeling. Easy operation, flexibility and reliable NC code generation have made Mastercam a favorite of NC programmers around the world.

Mastercam's efficient 3D geometry creation supports all basic geometry elements as well as a wide variety of NURBS and parametric curves and surfaces. Surface shading lets you check surface integrity while viewing a realistic image of the finished part.

Mastercam includes bi-directional data translators for IGES, SAT, DXF, CADL, STL, ASCII and VDA at no additional charge. An optional translator for ParaSolids is also available, as well as a .DWG translator for direct transfer from AutoCAD.

Mastercam gives you unlimited toolpath flexibility. Quickly reverse, delete, reorder, copy, modify or translate any element. You can modify your toolpath on the fly without recreating your original geometry. Features like toolplanes for rotary axis support and built-in material and tool libraries increase programming efficiency.

Mastercam provides gouge-free multi-surface roughing and finishing of complex parts. Mastercam's toolpath verification generates a solid model of the finished part, complete with every scallop, chamfer and radius.

With over 50,000 installations and counting, Mastercam is the number one NC programming software in the world, as found by CIMdata, Inc., an independent research company. Mastercam is also number one in education with over 14,000 installations. CNC Software provides the tools and learning materials to help get any educational program cutting parts the first day.

Mastercam is the design and manufacturing tool for speed, accuracy and dependability. Find out what Mastercam can do for you today, by calling (800) 228-2877 in the US, and (860) 875-5006 worldwide. Or look us up on the internet at

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