Realtrac Performance ERP Shop Floor Management System

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Livonia, MI 48150 US


Shop floor control... REALTRAC is your window to the shop floor, where you have up-to-the-second visibility of machines, employees and jobs. You can respond to customer job status inquiries NOW- where it is, and when it will be finished. As conditions change, the system is updated immediately, even as you watch it on your screen.

Scheduling and Estimating... allows you to do graphic analysis of "what if " simulations, changing priority assignments and loading schedules. Scheduling can be backward or forward. Jobs may be scheduled independently, linked to assemblies, or predetermined lot releases - all handled in real-time. Estimates show multiple quantity delivery times based on current work center loads.

Multimedia Shop Floor Documentation... further enhances ISO 9002 tracking by the use of digital camera pictures, drawings, sketches, and sound. CAD drawings, SPC control graphs, and hand sketches can be transferred directly into REALTRAC's multimedia library and then viewed, printed and linked directly to router operations.

Bar Code Data Collection... uses low-cost shop floor bar code microterminals to record events as they occur. Shop floor personnel communicate with the system in a two-way, error checking dialog, which provides job start and finish times, piece and scrap counts, and non-production factors such as down-time for machine maintenance - the information you need to keep current on shop floor status.

Materials Management System... simplifies the preparation and tracking of material and outside service purchase orders. A complete inventory control system for raw material, finished and semi-finised parts, customer supplied material and tooling has been designed especially for use by job shops.

Job Costs and Management Analysis... with instant Work-In-Process reports. You have a complete up-to-the-minute history, not only for current jobs but past jobs as well, allowing you to evaluate performance, prices and delivery promptness. You can determine profitability by customer, by machine or by employee, and make rational decisions based on solid information as of right now.

Integrates with Peachtree and Quickbooks... Posting of Realtrac invoices updates customer balances and general ledger accounts, while posted purchase orders allow for easy entry and payment of vendor charges. Realtrac employee time summary reports simplify the preparation of payroll checks.

The Recognized Industry Leader... in Real-time ERP Shop Management Software. From Estimating through Order Entry, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Invoicing, REALTRAC is the complete Job Shop Manufacturing System. It's Access interface and 32 Bit Server architecture offers true Windows state-of-the-art technology.
  • ERP for Make-to-Order Manufacturing
  • ERP for Standard Products Manufacturing
  • Job Estimating Software
  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
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