Riten Industries, Inc.

1100 Lakeview Avenue
Washington Court House, OH 43160 US

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What you don't see makes the difference.

As a leading manufacturer of high quality, high precision live and dead centers, we know it's what you can't see on the surface of our products that's important. Each Riten center is the end result of combining the finest engineering talent, manufacturing skills and customer service representatives available. Each center is engineered and tested to give you the highest accuracy and greatest service. From the through-hardened tool steel in our dead centers to the matched bearings in our live centers, our skilled machinists put their pride and skill to work to satisfy your needs and requirements.

Riten Industries, Inc., 1100 Lakeview Avenue, Washington Court House., Ohio, 43160; 800-338-0027, has become the largest American manufacturer of live and dead centers. Centers not only hold the workpiece in the machine; they also "center" the workpiece so that the part runs true during manufacturing. Call or send us an e-mail:

You may never see a center in the department store, but you will cross paths every day with basic products that Riten Centers held in place while the part was being machined. Parts commonly used in automobile transmissions, steering columns, axles, motorcycles, aircraft, spacecraft, ships, weapons, nuclear reactors, and oil drills were all once held in place by Riten Centers produced in Washington C.H., Ohio. Riten's customers include such notables as General Motors, Saturn, Rockwell, Ford Motor Co., Chrysler, Honda of America, Dana, Harley Davidson, Mercury Marine, John Deere, NASA, Caterpillar, Navistar, TWA, Boeing, Whirlpool, General Electric, the Department of Defense, and Pratt & Whitney to name a few. A tour of the Riten plant will quickly identify this company as a heavily computerized, innovative, and automated facility, which in turn, places high educational and technical skill requirements on members of the Riten family.

Most of the highly-skilled members of the Riten family are not only involved with their Riten careers; you will also find Riten people making positive contributions in the community in which they live. One of Riten's stated goals is found posted in the lobby: "We strive to be an active and positive influence in the community and environment in which we work and live."

Originally founded in 1933, Riten was known as "Aeronautical Products, Inc." In 1948, the operation, then known as "Rigid", was moved to Bloomingburg, Ohio. Its name was later changed once again to its current name "Riten" in 1969.

Riten Industries, Inc. markets its products all across the United States and also exports to many parts of the world, including Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, England, and South America.

Continuous improvement and education are just two of the reasons why Riten has been successful and continues to be a trendsetter in the industry.

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