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October 2019

A Seven-Axis Multitasking Machine Demands a CAM Software Upgrade

By: Modern Machine Shop
A new order led Forbidn Manufacturing to buy a multitasking machine, but to program it effectively required taking on Esprit CAM software. The combination produces the part in two hours instead of eight.

October 2019

Multitasking Machining Center Cuts Process Steps as Well as Metal

By: Modern Machine Shop
Consistent queue delays between the lathe and the drilling machine led Koso KentIntrol to purchase a multitasking machine from Starrag that was capable of doing both. 

October 2019

Mazak Offers Quick Turn 200/250 Turning Centers with Gantry Robot

By: Modern Machine Shop
Mazak offers the Quick Turn 200/250 series of multitasking turning centers configured with a GR100 gantry robot for “done in one” part processing and fully automated loading/unloading.

October 2019

GSi Lathes from Hardinge Designed for Small to Medium-Size Shops

By: Modern Machine Shop
The Hardinge GSi series of compact two-axis lathes are designed as low-cost, entry level machines small to medium-size manufacturing job shops and educational markets.

September 2019

Precision CNC Supercharger Rotor Machining Means More Power

By: Modern Machine Shop
By developing a more accurate machining process for mating helical rotors, this company’s superchargers can more efficiently force air into an engine for higher horsepower gains.

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