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Turning Centers


22343 Lapalma Ave #123
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
(714) 692-2366
Fax: (714) 692-2402

Richlin Machinery, Inc
40 Allen Blvd.

Farmingdale, NY 11735

Fax: 631-694-9415


Mission Statement:

OmniTurn's line of CNC lathes fills the need for high volume secondary manufacturing. We specialize in producing machines required for the screw machine and fastener industries. Our systems are different from other manufacturers' in many ways.

The OmniTurn is very fast and extremely precise. Our lathes have been designed to meet the needs of continuous operation for years. The systems are simple, the components are off-the-shelf, everything is well documented, and our technical support personnel are well trained on all aspects of the machines and their operations.

Company History:

OmniTurn evolved from the screw machine industry. Since 1958 we have been supplying turnkey systems to the screw machine world, both primary and secondary machines. Transfer machines and automated lathes have been our specialty. Since 1986 the OmniTurn has grown to become standard in the turning industry.


The OmniTurn is computerized. It can be made to do almost any operation that can be done on a turning machine: single point turning, forming, single point threading, drilling, tapping, boring, broaching, grooving, knurling, live tooling with cross drilling, tapping, slotting, milling.

Accuracy is extremely important. The OmniTurn will hold 0.001" all day long. Other machine tools that are larger cannot maintain the extreme tolerances that the OmniTurn is capable of!

The compact size saves floor space. They are designed to be moved easily. If you want to set up cells as needed, the OmniTurn is perfect.


OmniTurn offers assistance with all aspects of our product. Here is a partial list of our services:

Applications: Time studies, tooling layouts, work holding, methodization, programming assistance.

Turnkey systems: We can deliver system set up and running on your parts, complete with tooling studies, SPC data, and run offs before delivery.

Automation: We have automation system designers that can help you set up your own or we can deliver a completed system.

Training: OmniTurn offers training for free to all. Our schools are located in NY and LA. Monthly classes are given in basic operation, programming, setup, running and maintenance. On site training is also available for a fee. Training documentation is supplied with the machine and is available on our web site. New web based video is also being added for training. Watch a movie and learn how to run an OmniTurn.

Technical Support: Our support is the best in the industry. From 8 am EST to 6 pm PST there are technicians available by phone, fax or on line. All of our techs are fully trained in all aspects of the machines use, service and repair.

Service and spare parts: Service is available from any one of our 10 regional offices. All parts are available off the shelf. We stock all parts for every machine we have produced! NO lost down time due to waiting on a custom component.


OmniTurn is completely made in the USA.

The factory is based in Port Orford, Oregon. Regional offices offer training, showrooms, spare parts, service & machine shop services:

NY (Farmingdale, NY, Tel: 631-694-9400), CT, IL, PA, GA, MN, CA, OR (Port Orford, OR, Tel: 541-332-7004), TX

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