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Precitech Ultra Precision Technology
44 Blackbrook Road
Keene, NH 03431-0409

Fax: 603-358-6174

Precitech, Inc. is an ultra-precision machine and metrology systems manufacturer incorporated in the United States and located in Keene, New Hampshire. Our facility staffs approximately 100 talented individuals in a recently designed 60,000 Sq. Ft. temperature controlled building. Precitech is a member of the Association of Manufacturing Technology and has corporate affiliations with several professional societies and academic institutions such as Germany's Research Community for Ultra Precision Technology at the Fraunhofer Institute and the American Society for Precision Engineering. Precitech provides a complete line of ultra-precision single-point and multi-axis diamond turning, grinding, grooving and milling machines for the production of components by the electro-optic, ophthalmic and precision metal-working industries. In addition, Precitech also produces a range of related metrology systems and OEM components measuring for roundness, squareness, flatness, concentricity, and cylindricity utilized within the precision bearing, aircraft and automotive industries. Precitech began operations in 1986, but continues the rich history of ultra-precision machine tool building dating back to 1962, when Pneumo Precision was founded. In October of 1997, the Pneumo ultra-precision machine tool division of Taylor Hobson (formerly Rank Taylor Hobson / Rank Pneumo) was merged with Precitech. The Precitech name was retained for this corporate entity and all offices and manufacturing facilities are now located at 44 Blackbrook Road in Keene, New Hampshire as of December 2000. An example of our core competencies include our in-house design capability. All slideway components and air bearing spindles are manufactured within our facility. This allows us to maintain close control over quality and delivery. Our spindle shafts are ground on a high precision Studer CNC grinding machine allowing us to grind the OD of the shaft and faces of the thrust journal in one setup ensuring squareness and parallelism. With the combined Precitech and Pneumo product lines, Precitech has the largest industrial base of installed ultra-precision machining systems in the world. Precitech has over 600 ultra-precision machines operating today on five continents and in most industrialized nations. Significantly, Precitech has placed machining systems in many government and research laboratories both in the United States and abroad. Our Service capabilities include seven service personnel based in Keene, New Hampshire, four in Japan, three in Europe and one in Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.
  • Cam-Type Single-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Gear Honing Machines
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables
  • Roundness Measuring Equipment
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