Victor Taichung Machinery

Victor Taichung Machinery
2088, Sec. 4, Taiwan Blvd.

Taichung, Taiwan

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The Company Company was founded in 1989 to market the products of Victor Taichung Machinery Works, of Taichung Taiwan. In addition to the major products from the Victor Taichung factory, Fortune also imports and distributes other manual machinery which is supplied through our subsidiary VTM Trading company located in Taichung Taiwan.

The products from our factory have had a long history of quality and reliability and have been sold in the U.S. and Canada since the mid-seventies, under the Fortune/Royal name. As this is the case, it seems clear to those who own this equipment, the quality, reliability, service and support remain at the highest level.

Fortune International Inc. is built on a foundation of professionals with practical knowledge of the metal removal and plastic injection molding machinery. The individuals guiding the growth and expansion have many years in the manufacturing and service segment of the industry. With vision of future needs and technological advancements, Fortune is adapting the communication and high tech equipment to serve a broad customer base with rapid response.

Sales are conducted with a network of machine tool dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada from our headquarters in Central New Jersey. The sales department currently handles the sales, support, and logistics.

With factory trained engineers and a full staff of support personnel, we provide immediate on-site service.

Spare Parts
Fortune International Inc. has a complete parts department with over $3,000,000 in spare parts to support our customers needs, to provide our dealers' with service support and our engineers with the ability of rapid response.

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