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NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT commitment includes development and manufacture of machine tools, special-purpose machines and complete technological solutions with the objective in mind to deliver long-life production machinery of utmost precision to implement latest technologies.


CNC Slantbed lathes in five sizes, N10 – N50.  The N-Series offers multiple configurations and combinations for chucking and shaft machining.  Variable slide concepts with single or double tool turrets, counter spindles, transfer spindles and multiple independent steady rest slides serve as the basis for machining.  The NILES-SIMMONS slantbed lathes are focused on providing extra-ordinary accuracy, high productivity and cutting efficiency.


CNC-Turning-Milling-Drilling Centers of the MC-Series are based on the slantbed lathes N-Series size graduations N20 through N60.  The performance of the Machining Centers permit economical, flexible and high precision complete machining of rotationally symmetrical workpieces in one set-up.

Based on the modular principles, the MC Series if offered as a single or multiple slide machine.  In addition, multiple configurations and combinations with innovative drive concepts are realizable.

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