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Milling Center Model

5-Axis Gantry Mill and Trim Machining Center with expandable X and Y axis.










Gantry Model Precision Mill and Trim (PMT) offers speed, accuracy and performance to manufacturers producing large parts from fiberglass, graphite composite, aluminum, and non-ferrous alloys. The machine is built on a rugged rail-type vertical gantry platform of standard modules, the PMT offers unlimited X-axis range, up to 60 m/min traverse speed, to perform precise 5-axis and 5-side maneuvering for milling, trimming, drilling and cutout operations. 

The PMT is a modular and highly configurable system to provide the right combination of features for most applications. Utilizing a rail-type gantry design, the machine handle extremely long parts or enable multiple workzone part processing. As options, the Z-axis can be configured to provide 1, 1.5 and 2 m ram travel. The Y-axis cross rail can be configured to provide from 2 to 6 meters travel. The XYZ axes feature linear ways and AC servomotor rack-and-pinion drive systems. The two-axis spindle head provides 5-sided and 5-axis capabilities. A variety of workholding systems are available as option to meet specific application needs.



5-Axis Gantry Mill and Trim Machining Center with expandable X and Y axis.
Machine Type: Milling Machine, Machining Center
Num. of Axes: 5
Work Support: Floor
Column Construction: Multi/Bridge Column Style: Stationary
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Brand: Siemens 840D Opt: Fanuc 31i
Table Size L x W (in.) 78.000 x 78.000    Opt. 99999.000 x 157.000    99999.000 x 236.000
Max. Workpiece Weight (lbs) 999,999
Num. Main Spindles 1
Orientation Vertical
Taper HSK A63
Top RPM 24,000 Opt: 30,000
Horse Power (30 min rating) 27.00   Opt: 45.00, 56.00
# Speed Ranges 1
Type Ram
Primary Tool Carrier(s) 24
Number of Tools 48
Max. Tool Length (in.) 11.810
Max. Tool Diameter (in.) 3.930 (with empty adacent pockets)
Max. Tool Weight 22.00
Number of Axes: 5   U Axis: None
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
X1 Std. 78.700 in. Opt. (9,999.00 in.) 1,572 ipm 1,572 ipm
Y1 Std. 78.700 in. Opt. (236.00 in.) 2,358 ipm 2,358 ipm
Z1 Std. 39.300 in. Opt. (78.70 in.) 2,358 ipm 2,358 ipm
A1 Std. 220.000 deg 50 rpm 50 rpm
C1 Std. 360.000 deg 50 rpm 50 rpm
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