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Turning Center Model

30 HP CNC Turning Center with optional Drill/Mill Function with Y-Axis and Sub Spindle

Nakamura Tome Turning Center model SC-300

The SC-300 is a rugged, high-speed precision CNC turning center offering maximum versatility and productivity. The SC-300 offers a high-torque, wide range, 30 horse power main spindle motor. Combined with its massive cast-iron 45 degree slant bed, this unit ensures full power is available to be used under the heaviest cutting conditions with no vibration or chattering.




30 HP CNC Turning Center with optional Drill/Mill Function with Y-Axis and Sub Spindle
Machine Style(s): Bar, Chucker, Universal
Spindle Direction: Horizontal
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Type: Standard:   Fanuc 21i-TB
  Options: Fanuc 18i-TB
Chuck Size (in.)  Std: 10.000
Turning Diameter Max: 13.779
Turning Length (in.) Max: 23.622      Opt Max: 29.326
Bar Capacity (in.) Std: 2.795    Opt Max: 3.189
Tailstock: Optional (in.) Quill Dia: 3.540     Stroke: 3.930     Quill Center: MT#5    
# of Main Spindles: 1
Main Spindle: rpm: 35 - 3500 HP: 30.00  
Nose: A1-8 Opt: A2-8 Bore: 3.346 Opt: 3.930  
# Speed Ranges: 1  
Sub-Spindle: (Optional) rpm: 3500 HP: 15.00  
Nose: A2-5 Bore: 2.440  
Primary Tool Carrier: Turret
Max Tools Turning: 12 Rotary: 12
Tool Shank Size (in.): Square: 1.000     Round: 1.500 Rotary: 0.787
Rotary Tool Spindle: rpm: 3,600 Power: 7.50 hp
# of Simultaneous Cutting Tools: 1
Secondary Mill/Drill Function On-Center: Optional With 'C' Axis: Optional
Off-Center: Optional With 'Y' Axis: Optional
Number of Axes: Standard: 2 Optional: 3, 4, 5
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
B1 Opt. 19.685 in. 707 ipm
C1 Opt. 360.000 deg 13 rpm 200 rpm
X1 Std. 8.759 in. 786 ipm
Y1 Opt. 3.543 in. 235 ipm
Z1 Std. 25.000 in. Opt. 29.33 in. 1,179 ipm
Length 126 in.
Width 71 in.
Height 77 in.
Weight 10,120 lbs.
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