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Turning Center Model

TongTai MT-1500
Parallel Twin Spindle Side-by-Side Turning Center with Optional Milling Function


Tongtai MT Series Lathes were developed for improving cycle times and turning processes for the automotive industry where small parts are typically made within 60 seconds.  After many years of working together on customizing machines and turnkey projects with automotive customers worldwide, Tongtai developed the MT series for precision turning, high production volume, automatic production, and insertion into mass-production lines.

The MT Series has twin spindles and two individual machining areas.  The turrets and spindles are designed parallel to each other.  This design makes parts which need two processes be finished on one machine.  With the addition of a gantry-type robot, utilization of floor space increases while labor costs decrease.  Depending on cycle time, single robot arm/single stocker and twin robot arms/twin stockers for high production chucking work are both available on the MS/MT series lathes.  These CNC lathes come equipped with either 6” or 8” chucks on spindles that rotate at 6,000/4,500 RPMs respectively.  The MT control offers a robot teaching function that the operator can adjust positioning.  The function coordinates the robot arm, on-screen positioning diagram, input coordinates, number and names of positions, 3 axes settings and single axis settings.

The work area on the main structure of the lathes has two individual working areas whose bed structure is separate.  This design decreases the transferring of harmonic vibration providing excellent machining accuracy and high quality surface finishes.  The compact structure allows for a short cutting flow from start to finish which enhances machining rigidity and heavy cutting ability.  Maximum swing diameter is 210mm with a machining diameter of 210mm or 120mm (with robotic arm), and machining length of 145mm or 100mm (with robotic arm).

The MT series lathes are equipped with workpiece positioning protection to ensure sealing between the workpiece surface and chuck.  Pneumatic pressure leaks can be detected, and if this occurs, the robot arm will reload the workpiece.  Gantry type robotic arm is able to process 3 axes movement and is driven by a servo motor.  The programmable arm allows the operator to adjust positioning points and moving routes.  Rapid traverse for the robotic arm are 160m/minute in X, 120m/minute in Y, and 35m/minute in Z.  The rotary axis moves at 180° in one second.

The pallet stocker comes in 3 types, 3 poles and a center, 3 poles, and central pole type.  The number of pallets range from 10, 14, and 16 with allowable part diameters all at 30mmΦ through 150mmΦ.

The MT series comes standard with coolant through the spindle, A2-5 or A2-6 spindle nose, 0.001” indexing increments, 4,500 RPMs or 6,000 optional.  With cutting feed rates of 0.001-5,000mm/minute this horizontal turning center is perfect for high production fast-paced manufacturing environments.



Parallel Twin Spindle Side-by-Side Turning Center with Optional Milling Function
Machine Style(s): Chucker
Spindle Direction: Horizontal
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Type: Standard:   Fanuc 0i-TD
Chuck Size (in.)  Std: 6.000 Max. Swing: 8.260
Turning Diameter Max: 8.260
Turning Length (in.) Max: 5.700
# of Main Spindles: 2
Main Spindle: rpm: 4500    Opt: 6000 HP: 15.00  
Nose: A2-5 Bore: 2.200  
# Speed Ranges: 1  
Second Spindle: rpm: 4500 Opt: (6000) HP: 15.00  
Nose: A2-5 Bore: 2.200  
# Speed Ranges: 1  
Primary Tool Carrier: Turret Left
Max Tools Turning: 12 Rotary: 12
Tool Shank Size (in.): Square: 1.000     Round: 1.250 Rotary: 1.250
Rotary Tool Spindle: rpm: 5,000 Power: 7.50 hp
Second Tool Carrier: Turret Right
Max Tools Turning: 12 Rotary: 12
Tool Shank Size (inch): Square: 1.000     Round: 1.250 Rotary: 1.250
RotaryTool Spindle: rpm: 5000 Power: 7.50 hp
# of Simultaneous Cutting Tools: 2
Secondary Mill/Drill Function On-Center: Optional With 'C' Axis: Optional
Number of Axes: Standard: 4 Optional: 6
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
C1 Opt. 360.000 deg
C2 Opt. 360.000 deg
X1 Std. 6.100 in. 197 ipm 1,181 ipm
X2 Std. 6.100 in. 197 ipm 1,181 ipm
Z1 Std. 6.100 in. 197 ipm 1,181 ipm
Z2 Std. 6.100 in. 197 ipm 1,181 ipm
Length 165 in.
Width 112 in.
Height 122 in.
Weight 12,540 lbs.
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