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Kira Corporation
21299 Carlo Drive

Clinton Township, MI 48038 Japan

Fax: 586-307-3414


Kazuji Otake established Yoshida Machinery in July 1927 for the manufacturing of marine internal combustion engines, radial drilling machines and lathes.

The company was renamed Kira in July 1957. Under the current President, Kenji Otake, the company has continued to evolve into one of Japan's premiere machine tool manufacturers.

Today, Kira products can be found in over 30 countries worldwide. The products include folding bicycles, pumps, drill presses, CNC Machining Centers, Transfer Lines, CNC 4 Station Dial Machine and Solid Modeling Machines. The highlights of Kira Corporations history are as follows:

Rapid Prototyping is introduced to Asian Market
Kira America is established

Introduction of first 40 taper production center.

2nd Generation of Rapid Prototyping is introduced

Complete line of 40 taper high speed production centers

Complete line of Vertical and Horizontal Production Centers introduced
Delivered first CNC 4 Station Automated Dial Machine to United States

Kira America North America Technical Center is launched. Established affiliation with Midstates Industrial Group. Design and manufacturing of Turnkey Systems and High Production Systems
3rd Generation of Rapid Prototyping is introduced

Introduction of 40 Taper Vertical Twin Spindle Machine (The Saber Tooth)
Rapid Prototyping is introduced to the North America market
Kira America has continued Kira Corporations tradition of bringing over 70 years of experience together to meet your Manufacturing and Solid Modeling needs. "Our focus is on developing high speed, high quality, electromechanical equipment that brings to life true production flexibility, agility, reduced process time, better through put and outstanding quality".

Stand Alone Features:

Specifications compare well to drill and tap machines.

Kira's advantage beyond specifications are:
-(2) tool changer styles for each model
-Low RPM range, steel milling capability
-Commonality of replacement parts within 30 or 40 taper families
-Milling spindles in all machines making them production centers. They do more then a "Drill Tap" machine and are faster then a "Conventional Machining Center"

Downtime elements engineered out over years of experience gained while supplying production hardened systems to Japan motorcycle and automotive parts suppliers.

Complete family of 30 taper vertical machines.

Complete family of 40 taper vertical and horizontal machines.

Manufacturing Systems:

Kira America has several hundred successful production systems installed in some of the most demanding production environments in the world. These systems cover a range of applications:
-Drilling and tapping operations - manually loaded
-Heavy drill tap mill operations - manually loaded
-Pallet changers with rotaries - manually loaded
-Fully automated auto load/unload part conveyors - unmanned
-Pallet changers and gantries
-CNC 3 Axis modules
-Full CNC Transfer Systems - unmanned
-Flexible/Agile Transfer Systems - unmanned

Our production systems are not designed around a machine. Our production systems are designed to provide the best solution.

Solid Modeling Features & Benefits:


-Rapid Prototyping with new technology that uses paper
-Low Running Cost
-No ancillary office equipment needed
-High Accuracy and stability
-Programming Design/Flexibility
-Workable Machine Size
-Quick Operation
-Blade is used to cut paper


-Quiet operation and no auxiliary equipment needed. This gives you flexibility to run a machine in an office environment.
-Third generation of new paper lamination technology that allows for quicker part processing at lower costs
-Saves maintenance costs because there are no mirrors or focusing senses to clean.
-No prep or cost processing required. PLT technology does not use lasers or produce smoke so chillers and exhaust systems are not necessary.
-Proven excellence in machine design that provides reliable machine time and precision part prototyping.
-Works with CAD/CAM systems and accepts Binary, ASC11, RPF, RPS and JAMA formats.
-Machine size allows for easy fit almost anywhere.
-Eliminates the risk of fire because no lasers are used.

Our goal is to advance technology to meet the demands of the future while meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations

  • Cam-Type Single-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
  • Drilling Machines, Multi-Spindle
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Spindles
  • Tool Turrets
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
  • Universal Machining Centers
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
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