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Turning Centers


O-M (U.S.A.), Inc.
10171 Olga Lane
Houston, TX 77041
(713) 460-1113
Fax: (713) 460-0035

O-M, Ltd.
Shin-Osaka Daiichi Seimei Bldg
5-24, Miyahara 3chome, Yodogawa-ku
Osaka, Japan
(06) 350-1200

Fax: (06) 350-1220

O-M's large family of boring and turning mills is designed and manufactured to satisfy turning and boring needs large and small. O-M machines are used to machine gigantic workpieces such as hydrualic turbine casings for power plants, or for tankers and pump casings. But with ease, O-M demonstrates high performance machining of smaller workpieces such as automotive and motorcycle parts. Further, O-M meets your needs for plant automation with flexible machining cells.

O-M turning technology is esteemed in Japan and throughout the world. Their business focuses on one thing - Vertical turning and boring. And in that niche, and to that end - they are the best all round builder in the world.
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