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Vertical Grinder



VG 110

Face grinding and internal grinding or combination of turning and grinding in a single machine

The traditional grinding processes, i.e. internal grinding, face grinding, external circular grinding and non-circular grinding, are used along with a combined machining process involving hard turning and grinding. Here, all sections which can be manufactured by fail-safe turning processes are hard or soft finish-turned and then finish-ground (i.e. face grinding) in the same workpiece clamping. This mainly occurs after the pre-turning operation if it is required depending on the quality level that is to be achieved. This guarantees higher workpiece quality while reducing cycle times. In addition, the wear of grinding tools is reduced and thus the tools have to be dressed less often.

The face grinder VG 110 stands for short travel lengths, high speeds, outstanding rigidity and integrated cooling system, short idle times, high productivity and precision. The X- and Z-axes are separate to achieve maximum accuracy when machining small workpieces. The vertical Z-axis is equipped with a linear drive unit. This allows the grinding spindles to make short, quick oscillating strokes. The X-axis determines the accuracy and is completely removed from the machining area in the vertical 

arrangement of the internal grinder. The high-resolution measuring system is positioned 100 mm from the machining area creating perfect conditions for extremely high accuracy.
The VG 110 face grinder is characterized by its extremely compact design with no additional units. The energy container and the fluid and electrical components are mounted on the back. The VG 110 face grinder stands out thanks to its accessibility and the ease with which tooling can be carried out.
The VG 110 offers all modern grinding technologies:

  • Grinding tools - e.g. ceramic or galvanized CBN grinding wheels
  • Sensor technology - adaptive grinding, initial cut detection, touch dressing
  • Dressing technology - dressing spindle for use of diamond form rolls

Thanks to the modular machine concept of the face grinders, the tool equipment can be adapted to suit the required machining task. The following variants are available:

  • One or two internal grinding spindles for circular or non-circular grinding
  • One internal or external grinding

VG 110

Vertical Grinder
Grinder Type: Cam Grinder
Machine Opertaion: CNC
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
Longitudinal 18.110 Inches 460.000 mm
Cross 8.900 Inches 225.000 mm
amt Modern Machine Shop Production Machining Moldmaking Technology