Grinding Machine Model

Glebar Co. Inc. GT-610 CNC
Centerless In-feed Grinder built on Granite base


A variant of the GT-610-SD machine using the same control platform and mechanical  features and accessories, the GT-610 CNC includes an integrated 2-axis CNC work wheel dresser capable of dressing an 8.625” (219mm) wide grinding wheel. 

Designed for traditional centerless grinding or CAM-Out applications, the GT-610 CNC is designed to grind supermaterials.  Weighing over 7,000 pounds and built on a composite base for vibration and thermal stability, this machine excels at plunge grinding multiple components per cycle (up to 8 - or more!) to a high degree of precision.  By using Glebar's vast knowledge in plunge grinding technology, we are able to extend this unique form of grinding to a higher precision model to process challenging components, such as titanium fasteners and small, powdered metal components.  

Two independent, super-precision slides built on the reliable Glebar hardware platform using chrome-plated, cast iron slides with built-in Turcite gibs, allow us to position with a  resolution of 0.1 microns. The independent control of both slides allows size compensation to take place on the top slide, the bottom slide, or both, depending on application and process. Controlling these axes separately reduces setup time and allows the operator to set slide positions quickly and methodically.   

The GT-610CNC features a  6” regulating wheel and either a 10” or 12" diameter work wheel, and has the ability to infeed grind up to 8" long parts or to thrufeed grind barstock.  A two-axis, automatic regulating wheel dresses the wheel and can adjust rotation speed in order to maximize the efficiency of the grinding wheels.

The CNC wheel dresser incorporates 0.1 micron linear scales on both slides and a high speed roll dress spindle, which is extremely rigid and precise, with runout of less than 0.00005" (1.3 µm). Powered by a brushless servo motor, it offers high torque and closed-loop velocity control at up to 15,000 RPM. Single point dressing is also available. 


GT-610 CNC

Centerless In-feed Grinder built on Granite base
Grinder Type: Centerless
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: Glebar
Grinding Length: 6.000 Inches Length: 152.000 mm
OD Grinding Diameter(s) Min: 0.002 , Max: 4.000 Min: 0.050 mm , Max: 101.000 mm
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 10.000 Inches  Opt. 12.000    Width: 8.625 Inches    Dia.: 250.000 mm  Opt. 305.000    Width: 219.000 mm   
Regulating Wheel   Speed: 400 rpm
Workhead Motor: 7.50 hp  Opt 15.00 hp Motor: 5.60 kW  Opt. 11.00 kW    Speed: 3,600 rpm
Turcite Guideways
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