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Mägerle MFP-100
Creep Feed Surface and Profile Grinding Center











This grinding center is characterized by its high working speed, quick tool change and its expandable tool changer.

Mägerle has specially designed the MFP-100 for those markets where multi-face machining of heavy and complex workpieces in just a single clamping operation is demanded. With 50 kW spindle power and a generously designed working area, the new Mägerle grinding center is ideally suited for processing turbine guide and rotor blades as well as heat shields for use in the aviation and energy industry. The Mägerle MFP-100 is supplied with a 2-axis NC combination as standard. The grinding centre can also be optionally upgraded to a 3-axis system.

The superior tool and lapping roll changer system is an outstanding feature of the MFP-100. The dual gripper changes grinding wheels and associated diamond contour rolls simultaneously resulting in reduction in downtime. The accelerated tool change cycles are accompanied by increased axis dynamics. The overall increase in productivity achieved with the new MFP-100 grinding center results in a reduction in unit costs.

The MFP-100 tool changer is scalable. The standard version of the tool changer can be equipped with up to 30 tool holders. It can optionally be increased to up to 60 tool stations. The MFP-100 tool management system can manage up to 500 different tools. In addition to 300 mm diameter grinding wheels and corresponding 160 mm diameter diamond contour rolls, it is possible to load the tool changer with tools such as drills, milling cutters, CBN wheels or measuring sensors.

The MFP-100's is of compact design. With a width of 4.6 m width and a depth of 4 m, the footprint for a grinding machine of this category is incredibly small. The NC table can be conveniently loaded from above and from the front, manually, with a crane or with a robot. The simple access opening on the rear for scheduled and preventive maintenance supports the outstanding ergonomic design of the new Mägerle grinding centre.



Creep Feed Surface and Profile Grinding Center
Grinder Type: Creep Feed, Profile, Surface-Recip
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: Siemens 840D
Grinding Length: 39.300 Inches Length: 1000.000 mm    Width: 29.500 Inches    Width: 750.000 mm
ID Grinding Depth Max: 35.400" Max: 900.000 mm
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 11.800 Inches    Width: 3.930 Inches    Bore: 3.000 Inches    Dia.: 300.000 mm    Width: 100.000 mm    Bore: 76.200 mm   
Wheel Head Motor: 66.00 hp Motor: 50.00 kW   Angle Adjustment: 0.000°
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
Longitudinal 39.300 Inches 1000.000 mm 0-1574 ipm 0-40000 mm/min 1,574 ipm 40,000 mm/min
Cross 29.500 Inches 750.000 mm 0-1574 ipm 0-30000 mm/min 1,574 ipm 30,000 mm/min
Vertical 35.400 Inches 900.000 mm 0-1181 ipm 0-30000 mm/min 1,181 ipm 30,000 mm/min
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