Haas Factory Outlet

CNC Machine Tools, LLC.
580 Madrid Avenue

Torrance, CA 90501

Fax: 310-381-0750


The Haas Factory Outlet means service, knowledge, support, and most importantly, FOCUS.

Never before could a local distributor give you the type of attention and knowledge about its products that the Haas Factory Outlet can. It's like having an factory expert right around the corner. We don't just show you a brochure, we have the machines, parts, engineers, right here in our Haas Factory Outlet showroom.

Our focus on our products means the optimal solutions to your machining requirements. When the people who support your equipment are intimately knowledgeable about the construction, design, engineering, function, operations, and capabilities of the equipment they provide, you'll be assured of getting maximum productivity 24 hours a day, year round.

Yes, we're different. Isn't it about time a local distributor got serious about making a difference for your company? Stop by the Haas Factory Outlet to see what a difference can mean to you.

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