Haas Automation, Inc.

Haas Automation, Inc.
2800 Sturgis Road

Oxnard, CA 93030

Fax: 805-278-8509

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Haas Automation is the largest machine tool manufacturer in the United States, building a full line of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, rotary tables and 5C indexers. Haas machine tools and rotary products are built to deliver higher accuracy, repeatability and durability than any other machine tools on the market.

From its beginnings in 1983, Haas Automation has always produced top-quality products at affordable prices. Haas produces all critical components in-house, using dedicated, state-of-the-art CNC machine tools. The company's 1 million-square-foot facility makes extensive use of automated "lights-out" flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and robotic loaders to streamline production capabilities and reduce costs. This, combined with highly trained electronics and mechanical assembly teams, allows Haas to control quality, cost, reliability and availability.

By relying on volume sales rather than per-unit profits to build the company, Haas delivers more standard features, high-tech innovations and rock-solid engineering than perhaps any other CNC manufacturer in the world - and at better prices.


In 1983, Mr. Gene Haas founded Haas Automation, Inc., to manufacture economical and reliable machine tools. The company entered the machine tool industry with the first-ever fully automatic, programmable collet indexer, a device used to position parts for machining with very high accuracy. The Haas 5C collet indexer was a huge success, and during the next four years, the company expanded its product line to include a wide selection of fully programmable rotary tables, rotary indexers and machine tool accessories.

In 1987, Haas Automation moved in a substantially different direction with the development and production of its first vertical machining center, a machine designed to perform such machining operations as milling, drilling, tapping and boring. This machine, the VF-1, was introduced at a cost competitive with machine tools from offshore manufacturers. Employing the latest equipment and procedures for close-tolerance manufacturing, the first prototypes were completed and introduced in 1988 at the International Machine Tool Show (IMTS-88) in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, industry pundits and members of the trade press were skeptical that an American-made machining center could be sold for less than $50,000. Now, however, nearly every manufacturer in the world offers some type of VMC close to the $50,000 price range.

Today, Haas manufactures four major product lines: vertical machining centers (VMCs), horizontal machining centers (HMCs), CNC lathes and rotary tables. Employing more than 1000 people, the company continues on a substantial growth pattern. The company's 1 million-square-foot facility in Oxnard, California, is the largest, most modern machine tool manufacturing operation in the United States.

To date, Haas Automation has sold more than 100,000 CNC machines throughout the world. The company currently ships more CNC machines and rotary products per month than any other U.S. manufacturer.


Haas distributes its products through a worldwide distributor network which provides sales, service and applications assistance. All distributor service organizations are factory trained, and their service levels are closely monitored, with the goal of providing service within 24 hours.

  • Bar Feed Mechanisms
  • Boring Machines
  • Dividing & Indexing Heads
  • Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables
  • Leasing & Financing Services
  • Milling Machines, Bed-Type
  • Milling Machines, Graphite
  • Milling Machines, Knee & Column, Non-ATC
  • Milling Machines, Planer, Gantry & Bridge Type
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret
  • Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
  • Universal Machining Centers
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
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