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Milling Center Model

Sharp-CNC SVX-500
5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with Trunnion Style A/C Axis Table.


The Sharp SVX- 500 5-axis vertical machining allows true 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneous machining. Unlike the 3-axis that requires a separate setup for cutting different sides of a part, the 5-axis machine requires the part to be set only once and rotated into a series of positions to machine each side without the need to reset the part. All major castings of the SVX-500 are analyzed using the Finite Element Method (FEM) to locate areas of stress and strain, multiple loading conditions from thermal, gravity, centrifugal and enforced displacement. Ribs locations are properly defined to maintain rigidity throughout the entire machine. The 5-axis is constructed using the box-in-box design to assure accuracy and rigidity under different cutting conditions



5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with Trunnion Style A/C Axis Table.
Machine Type: Machining Center
Num. of Axes: 5
Work Support: Bed
Column Construction: Multi/Bridge Column Style: Travelling
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Brand: Fanuc Opt: Siemens
Table Size L x W (in.) 19.700 x 19.700
Max. Workpiece Weight (lbs) 770
Dual Axis Table: Standard
Num. Main Spindles 1
Orientation Vertical
Taper #40 Big Plus
Top RPM 15,000
Horse Power (30 min rating) 25.00
# Speed Ranges 1
Type Fixed
Primary Tool Carrier(s) ATC Carousel
Number of Tools 30
Tool Change Time C-to-C (sec) 6.00   4.00 sec tool-to-tool
Max. Tool Length (in.) 11.800
Max. Tool Diameter (in.) 4.920 (with empty adacent pockets)
Max. Tool Weight 15.40
Number of Axes: 5   U Axis: None
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
X1 Std. 23.600 in. 1,890 ipm 2,362 ipm
Y1 Std. 31.900 in. 1,890 ipm 2,362 ipm
Z1 Std. 19.700 in. 1,890 ipm 1,890 ipm
A1 Std. 130.000 deg
C1 Std. 360.000 deg
Machine Dimensions (l x w x h)(in.) 91 x 169 x 127
Machine Weight (lbs) 28,050
Spindle Nose To Table (Max) 21.700
Spindle Nose To Table (Min) 1.900
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