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Milling Center Model

Union K 130
Planer Type Horizontal Boring Mill with 130mm Diameter Bar and 62 HP or 80 HP Main Spindle

Union K130 Planer Type Boring Mill

The UNION K Series models are the next step for heavy workpieces or long table travel applications. The K Series configuration, commonly referred to as a "planer type" design has a moving column for Z axis motion and a fixed bed for full travel support of the table. This configuration allows movement of heavy workpieces with no table overhang. It also provides better opportunity for automation via a pallet changer or UNION's unique "twin table" option. The K Series starts in a 4.3" spindle design with a 39" x 49" table and goes up to a 6" spindle with 78" x 98" table. Standard table capacity ranges from 13,200 lb. to 44,000 lb. and special requirements beyond that can be accommodated.
The K Series also incorporates standard UNION design features like digital linear scales, precision roller guideways and precision sealed spindle bearings for higher performance and better accuracy. All machines are built to stringent German VDI standards requiring more accurate results in positioning and machine geometry.

The UNION K Series product line is another tool within UNION's total solution for horizontal boring mill applications.


K Series  

K / KC 150

K 130

Planer Type Horizontal Boring Mill with 130mm Diameter Bar and 62 HP or 80 HP Main Spindle
Machine Type: Boring Mill, Milling Machine, Machining Center
Num. of Axes: 5   Opt. 6, 7
Work Support: Table
Column Construction: Single Column Style: Travelling
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Brand: Heidenhain TNC530 Opt: Siemens 840D, Fanuc 16M
Table Size L x W (in.) 63.000 x 50.000    Opt. 78.000 x 63.000    98.000 x 78.000
Max. Workpiece Weight (lbs) 22,000    Opt. 44,000
Pallet Changer Optional No. of Pallet 2
Rotary Table Standard Dual Axis Table: Optional
Num. Main Spindles 1
Orientation Horizontal
Taper Cat #50    Opt. HSK 63
Top RPM 4,000 Opt: 6,000
Horse Power (30 min rating) 80.00
# Speed Ranges 2
Type Quill
Primary Tool Carrier(s) ATC (optioin)
Number of Tools 40    Opt. 156
Tool Change Time C-to-C (sec) 15.00   2.00 sec tool-to-tool
Head Changer Optional
Max. Tool Length (in.) 20.000   Opt. 32.000
Max. Tool Diameter (in.) 10.000 (with empty adacent pockets) Opt. 20.000
Max. Tool Weight 66.00 Option 500.00
Number of Axes: 5   Options: (6 , 7 )   U Axis: Optional
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
X1 Std. 98.000 in. Opt. (157.00 in.) 236 ipm 590 ipm
Y1 Std. 78.000 in. Opt. (118.00 in.) 236 ipm 590 ipm
Z1 Std. 40.000 in. Opt. (102.36 in.) 236 ipm 590 ipm
A1 Std. 110.000 deg 3 rpm 3 rpm
B1 Std. 360.000 deg 3 rpm 3 rpm
U1 Std. 7.870
W1 Std. 29.500 in. 236 ipm 590 ipm
Machine Dimensions (l x w x h)(in.) 330 x 305
Machine Weight (lbs) 65,000
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