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Turning Center Model

Cubic GTV-27
Small Footprint 3-Axis Turning Center

Cubic Gang Type Turning Machine Model GTV-C

Cubic Machinery Model GTV-C
      Gang-Type Bar Chucker

High Accuracy

The most significant feature of the GTV is the ultra accuracy that it can maintain. No other competing gang tool turning center can match with the resolution of the GTV. 0.00005" ( 50 millionths) positioning accuracy is standard. We use preloaded double-nut NSK ballscrew in X & Z axes. The ballscrews are supported with NSK angular contact P4-class bearings and matched to NSK LA-series Super Rigid linear rails.

Superior Speed & Acceleration

The GTV provides the fastest response in the gang tool market. Powered by an oversized, 7.3 HP spindle motor, whether its a simple 2 axis component or a complex 3 axis part the GTV will produce the fastest cycle time.

Vertical Design

The vertical tool slide design offers numerous machining benefits. Chip flow is the most obvious. This allows tools to be free of chips and allows for faster, more efficient part production. The tool slide also features on-the-table coolant for precise coolant delivery. In addition, the vertical design simplifies the use of live tooling making the spindle positioning and contouring options even easier to work with. The vertical design allows easy access to see the tools when setting up. With 42mm center height, no longer are centerline confinements of live tool size an issue. Finally, the vertical design allows dramatic space saving. It is very ergonomic and allows operators easy access for setups and part handling.

Got Gang Tools?

Gang tooled machines are more accurate. Period! Featuring all NSK components: ballscrews, linear ways, and spindle bearings, the GTV provides a level of accuracy above the crowd. These components are chosen to maximize speed. Up to 1181"/min rapids, get you into the cut faster, reducing cycletimes and saving you money. Multiple tool choices, including creative live tool options, help you compete in a competitive market.



Small Footprint 3-Axis Turning Center
Machine Style(s): Bar, Chucker
Spindle Direction: Horizontal
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Type: Standard:   Fanuc 0iMATE-T
  Options: Fagor 8055iTB
Chuck Size (in.)  Std: 5.300
Turning Diameter Max: 12.000
Turning Length (in.) Max: 7.000
Bar Capacity (in.) Std: 1.062
Collet Type/Capacity: 5C / 1.0625
# of Main Spindles: 1
Main Spindle: rpm: 60 - 6000 HP: 7.30  
Nose: A2-4  
# Speed Ranges: 1 Index Increment: 0.001°  
Primary Tool Carrier: Gang Slide
Max Tools Turning: 6 Rotary: 2
Tool Shank Size (in.): Square: 0.750     Round: 1.000
# of Simultaneous Cutting Tools: 1
Secondary Mill/Drill Function On-Center: Standard With 'C' Axis: Standard
Number of Axes: Standard: 3
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
C1 Std. 360.000 deg
X1 Std. 12.000 in. 800 ipm 800 ipm
Z1 Std. 7.000 in. 800 ipm 800 ipm
Length 62 in.
Width 48 in.
Height 72 in.
Weight 3,750 lbs.
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